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Career Path Clarity:

Ultimate Student Success Strategies For Moving Forward With Confidence


Shellie Deloyer has over 10 years of experience in education, and has coached hundreds of students to access their greater potential, discover their path forward, and set themselves up for success. 

With this expertise, Shellie has created the system for helping students embrace who they are and get clear on their future path. This individualized and empowerment-focused coaching program helps students to go from feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and stressed about their future, to being clear and confident in their direction. 

Career Path Clarity™ is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Guides students to build a strong sense of self
2. Helps students decide on their best-suited career direction 
3. Provides informative and relevant education and career guidance 
4. Gives a step-by-step process to explore options, gain experience and plan for success
5. Empowers students to master their mindset, stand in their power and play big!

For student's who are ready to get clear on their career direction and know how they're going to get there, while avoiding the stress, pressure and overwhelm ...

Here's how we'll help them get there:

Module 1

Setting The Stage For Success

Student's will learn the secrets to success, how to define their focus and how to begin accessing their greater potential.  

Module 2

Discover YOU!

Students will identify their personality preferences, interests, skills and values; embrace who they are and discover their sense of purpose and motivation. 

Module 3

Exploring Your Possibilities

Student's will discover and explore their best-suited career options, learn the most effective strategies for choosing their career path, and learn how to gain the most relevant and accurate insight about the specific options they're considering. 

Module 4

Choosing Your Path

We'll guide student's to decide on and declare their chosen direction, and to make it even more real. They'll be seeing what their ideal future looks like, so they can take the most effective action steps toward achieving it. 

Module 5

Planning For The Win

Student's will be guided through the process of creating a strong plan toward achieving their goal. They'll learn the keys to setting themselves up for success, both in education and into their career. 

Module 6

Creating Results

In this module, student's empower themselves to overcome obstacles that may stand in their way, take the necessary actions to create the results they're looking for, and head confidently in pursuit of their dreams.  

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

➡️ Career Path Clarity™ Online Course Modules

➡️ 3 Private Coaching Sessions Integrated Into the Course

➡️  2 Assessments (with full reports) on Personality Preferences, Interests, Skills & Values

➡️ Plus, Lifetime Access To The Course Modules To Refer Back To Any Time


Career Path Clarity™ is PERFECT for the student who

  1. Is uncertain of his/her future career and education direction, and wants to get it right!
  2. Is stressed out or overwhelmed when planning for their future
  3. Wants to find a path that they'll enjoy and be successful in
  4. Are open and willing to show up and take the necessary actions to achieve the clarity, confidence, and direction they're seeking

If you said “yes” to these questions, then I can’t wait to meet you inside Career Path Clarity™

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